Silver Milestone Any Age Party Candy Bar Wrapper

Candy Wrapper WITH Photo Option


Surprise your guests with a taste of sophistication when you decorate your tables with our Silver Milestone Any Age Party Candy Bar Wrappers. Boasting an elegant black and silver glitter design, each wrapper is personalized with your celebratory details and can be used to adorn candy bars. Choose any milestone age, from 30 to 90, and enjoy the easy assembly by either taping or gluing on the standard-sized candy bar. With high-quality graphics and professionally printed paper stock, our wrappers make an impressive and unforgettable addition to any event.

  • Each paper wrapper tapes or glues to a standard sized chocolate candy bar, with easy assembly! High quality graphics and professionally printed on a nice semi-gloss commercial stock, they look AWESOME on the candy bars.
  • Tip: Wrap the bars in gold or silver foil first for an extra special touch. (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Each wrapper is approx. 5.2x5.7"
  • If you'd like a printable file version (no backsides) purchase listing from here:

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