Plaid Moose Bear Water Bottle Labels Boy 1st Birthday

Water Bottles


Celebrate your little boy's 1st birthday with a rugged, personalized touch. Our Plaid Moose Bear Water Bottle Labels feature a faux kraft background with a red plaid border and a silhouette with the age in the middle. Waterproof and self-adhesive, these laser-printed labels provide an elegant, exclusive look and will last through any outdoor adventures. Get all moose, all bear cub, or an equal mix of both to add a wild twist to the big day.

  • Each wrapper adheres to standard water bottles with easy assembly! Most water bottles are generic, but PLEASE check your water bottle size to make sure they will fit.
  • Won’t run or smudge in Ice/Water
  • Each wrapper is 2x8"
  • If you'd like a printable file version (no backsides) purchase listing from here:

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