Keepsake 1st Birthday Pool Party Invitations

Birthday Invite WITH Photo


This 1st birthday pool party invitation doubles as a 12 month milestone keepsake for friends and family! Invite them to your first birthday pool party one one side in fun primary colors and chalk background design, and then they can keep it (even frame it!) to cherish these precious moments with 12 photos and fun information about their first year.

★5x7" printed full color on both sides on 130lb silk cover

★White Envelopes are included.
★1x digital proof is included to make sure it's just right! Usually sent SAME DAY!

Keepsake personalization questions.... Questions can't be changed, but answers can say whatever you'd like!
1. I was born... (date/time)
2. I am.. (height/weight)
3. They call me.. (nicknames)
4. I can say... (words they know)
5. I can... (things they can do, sit, walk, wave, smile, etc.)
6. My favorite food is... (foods)
7. I have ___ teeth (amount of teeth)
8. I love... (anything, mom, dad, puppies, hugs, kisses...)

HOW TO SEND PHOTOS: E-mail them, and label each month's photo for the month it is, i.e. 1 month picture should be 1.jpg. The name of the actual file must be the number of the month - not written in the email or titled in the email, but the actual file name itself. If you have questions about this, let me know. 300dpi or higher resolution recommended for best print quality.