Creating a Movie Birthday Party!

Sometimes your kids feel like they've outgrown the themed birthday parties, much to your dismay! It can be really easy to pick up standard licensed products off the shelf at your local party shop, but with a little more work you can still pull off an awesome movie night themed birthday party with relative ease! 

Starting with the invitations, we have some great sets here for unique admission ticket style movie invitations: 

We also have VIP Pass lanyard style, that your guests can wear to the party, or you can even give them out at the party as a party favor! It adds that special touch to the theme of the party.

When you get your head count (and plan for a few stragglers!), stock up on some popcorn and purchase the red and white individual Popcorn containers from your local dollar store. You can pick up some dollar store movie size candy varieties while you're there! 

When your guests arrive, have some cozy seating - pillows & blankets are a good choice! - arranged on the floor in front of the TV.  Serve up some soda in fun plastic colored cups, fresh popcorn in the plastic bins, and pass out the candy! As your child watches their favorite movie with their friends, and enjoys their treats, you can light the candles on the cake. Serve it up on some matching plates and you've had a successful party! 

When your guests leave, you can pass out these cool thank you cards, or mail them to them after the party! 





Here's some other fun movie night birthday invitation options we offer: