DIY Kinder Eggs, Super Giant Kinder Eggs, and Easter Project

Ah, kinder eggs. If you're in U.S. like me, you may have only known about these things through the highly-addictive  Kinder Surprise opening videos on YouTube that have kids entranced.  However, I actually did a stint of foreign exchange in Australia when I was 14 years old and discovered them in another way. In a sad, gooey melted blob in my suitcase when I landed back in the U.S.  Really cool souvenirs, they were not. Many years later, I discovered they are actually ILLEGAL (Yes, EE-LEE-GAL) in the U.S. Your guess is as good as mine on that one. Luckily, customs likely didn't recognize the melted bag of chocolate and plastic, and didn't want to draw straws on who had to sort through that. 

Now, if you're a fan of the videos, you may have seen the SUPER GIANT Spiderman Kinder Egg... and had to peel your kids' face off of the screen. This one here, in particular.

I got a great idea, with it being Easter right around the corner, that I would be super mom and make my kids SUPER GIANT Kinder surprise eggs! The Easter bunny would get all of the credit of course, but we would definitely video tape it and make our own cool super giant egg video.

I started to brainstorm how to make the eggs, trying to avoid the mess of paper mache. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a better option. I ordered giant balloons (3ft diameter), and asked all my Facebook friends if they had any newspapers to spare. Most people didn’t know what a newspaper was (Joking…sort of), but nobody gets the newspaper anymore. I decided I would have to go to one of those magical newspaper selling places. Luckily for me, I procrastinated and one day the answer showed up on my door step in the form of a little yellow book with super thin paper inside. For the first time I can remember, I had a use for the Yellow Pages! 

 Day 1 of Super Kinder Egg DIY

Day 1 of Super Kinder Egg DIY

However, instead of using tried and true paper mache recipes, I decided to look online for a recipe. I found one that uses plaster of Paris, probably off of Pinterest (my nemesis for DIY!).  Don’t do this. I don’t know who decided you need to put plaster in paper mache recipe, but I am convinced they are just evil people trying to ruin paper mache projects. 

Here is Day 1; I realized after finishing that video, there are more toys in that SUPER GIANT egg than my kids get in 3 Christmases combined. Easter Bunny doesn’t run with that sort of budget around here. I couldn’t make a super huge egg and only have a few toys in it, that would probably ruin my awesome video I plan to make. So, I decided to only inflate the balloons about 2/3 of the way. I got to paper mache-ing, and everything seemed to be going fine. Until the drying set in. Again, don’t put plaster of Paris in your paper mache!!!!!  It cracked and crumbled, as the mess you can see everywhere.


I decided on day 2, using shop paper towels I purchased from Sam’s would be a little sturdier, could hold the plaster better. So day 2, I do another layer with the towels. They set up well, much sturdier and no cracks, but it still crumbles. I decided they will have to do, with one final layer of colorful tissue paper to make it look, you know, like an Easter egg! But, our weather has taken a turn and now it’s raining and drizzling all day. This isn’t good for drying paper mache, particularly when you dry them outside.


So, I have not started phase 3 just yet, but I can tell you now, I am going to be using the old fashioned – no –crumble – paper mache recipe from my childhood.

  • Equal Parts Water
  • Equal Parts Glue
  • Mix

That’s it! Don’t go throwing other silly things in there. You don’t need to make it fancy. (I’m looking at you Pinterest!)

So, stay tuned to see how they turn out—or if they turn out –it will be a mystery! They will either be a big hit and turn out great and I'll get to pat the Easter bunny on the back, or it will go into my sad pile of ambitious DIY I had no right to do myself. Maybe that’s why they are illegal.